Video: Against All Odds, Evan Kopelson Makes it Inside COP15

I am either the luckiest man alive, or simply one tenacious freelance climate journalist. After being shut out of media accreditation for COP15 along with 10,000 journalists from all over the world, I now report from inside the conference where I was able to secure a badge through Green Cross International.

Special thanks to Michelle Laug at Green Cross International and Mary Luevano at Global Green USA for helping secure entry to the conference, which included many hours of waiting on lines and dozens of conversations with security and credential officers at COP15.

This trip to Copenhagen started with a simple announcement of my quest to make a difference, and has become nothing short of a series of miracles. And now that I have a badge you can stay tuned for real coverage of perhaps the most important conference in the world. Our future and the future of the next seven generations depends on the decisions made here at COP15 and the actions we take every day.

You can still take action now to help raise awareness on climate change issues by making contributions to offset some of the cost of my trip. I could not have made it without the generous support of angels and visionaries, friends and friends-of-friends. All contributions will be noted in a special article here on Green Media News, and in my series “The Sustainability Journey” on Smart Planet.

Level of Support

Evan!!! You made it inside! So happy- and eager to see more video blogs so keep sending us the news! Wonderful that you are there as a journalist for the people. I love your journey. Thank you for being brave enough to do this.