Video: At COP15 Journalists and NGO’s Shut Out for Overcapacity at Bella Center

Over 15,000 journalists applied for only 5,000 media accreditation spots at COP15. When I got to the Bella Center this afternoon I was informed that while my paperwork “looks fine” I am not going to get the press accreditation to enter the conference.

I’m in good company with about 10,000 journalists here in Copenhagen without a press pass. Stay tuned as the adventure continues! I can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow.

Something to ponder as the next 10 days unfold: there’s a lot of debate about climate change, even on my Facebook page people talk about climate science and anti-science as if they’re equally weighted points of view. They’re not. It doesn’t mean people don’t make errors; in fact science itself is based on trial and error.

Consider your responsibility as a steward of the Earth. Instead of bantering back and forth about who is right, consider taking a broader perspective — and a deeper one. How? Think of the Crying Indian commercial I talked about and embedded into my 1st post on Smart Planet. And don’t fall prey to the hype about what can’t be proved beyond a shadow of a doubt. Demand responsibility from individuals and corporations not to pollute. It’s really that simple.

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