Video: Canadian Citizen Pays Her Own Way to Copenhagen To Help Make a Difference

At the Bright Green Forum earlier today, I had the pleasure of meeting several inspiring people who came to Copenhagen to make a difference. People like Candace Labelle, who took time off work and paid her own way to fly from Ottawa Canada because she says she couldn’t just sit back and wait to see what happens here in Copenhagen this week. Candace says she needs to be here and try and make a difference, because there is no greater issue facing the planet right now.

I understand how she feels. Candace’s actions reflect my own reasons for my recent lifestyle change and paying my own way to Copenhagen. And I have a feeling it’s not just the two of us.

Here’s our interview:

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wow. another amazing interview Evan. This is really inspirational.
love what you are doing. Keep on keeping on Ev! This is fantastic.