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Did you know that according to an article in Environmental Leader published last week only 51% of Americans today believe in global warming? That means that 49 people out of every 100 Americans do NOT believe in global warming! This is pathetic and alarming.

Evan Kopelson has purchased his ticket to Copenhagen and WILL be flying from Los Angeles to Copenhagen on Wednesday, Dec 9th. He will remain in Copenhagen throughout the duration of the COP15 climate conference.

As you may know, Evan recently devoted his life to raising climate change awareness, moving from his luxury apartment to a pod in a communal living environment, and now spending his emergency savings to get to Copenhagen during COP15.

The following drop-down PayPal menu and “Buy Now” button can be used to help support Evan in Copenhagen so he can get to the bottom of what is really happening in the world of climate change. Evan is tenacious. He wants to know the truth and he will find it.

Evan’s coverage of the COP15 UN Climate Change Conferences will be published on Smart Planet, a CBS website.

Here’s how you can help at this critical time in the evolution of eco-consciousness on the planet: Help support Evan at COP15 so he can rattle some cages and get some stories and bring you back information you’re not going to get on TV news.

For the cost of buying someone dinner, lunch, drinks or coffee, you can join the angels who have already generously donated. You will receive special thanks in Evan’s column “The Sustainability Journey” on SmartPlanet, as well as here on Green Media News.

Time is of the essence.

COP15 starts Monday and runs through December 18th. Evan flies out of Los Angeles on Wednesday and arrives in Copenhagen on Thursday December 10th.

He’s flying without a net and needs your support now. Thank you.


Evan Kopelson
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