The UN Climate Conference in Copenhagen starts this Monday December 7 and runs through December 18th.

SmartPlanet who publishes my journal “The Sustainability Journey” is going to publish my coverage from COP15 but I need to raise my own budget.

Smart Planet is giving me the press credentials I need to gain entry to COP15. I now have 3 days until the UN Climate Conference kicks off and need to raise the funds to fly to Copenhagen, pay for ground travel, taxes, fees, and carbon offsets for the trip, and find the cheapest accommodations I can.

I’ve already received almost $300 in donations ranging from $10 to $100. Every dollar counts and this support will directly fund my travel to cover the COP15 conferences. But $300 is only 10% of what I need to raise in order to fund this trip “on the cheap” and I only have 3 days til the conference kicks off.

So here’s where I have to get way out of my comfort zone: I may not know you personally, or maybe we haven’t spoken for a while, but I’ve gotta ask you for a contribution if I’m going to get to Copenhagen for COP15. I wish I could call you personally but time is short and I’m a man on a mission.

For the price of buying me dinner, lunch, drinks or coffee you could help me get to Copenhagen and cover the COP15 conferences for SmartPlanet. You’ll earn my gratitude, a special thank you on Smart Planet and Green Media News, exclusive VIP content from Copenhagen… and if you know me you know I love to practice gratitude. I will find ways to keep thanking you years from now for helping make this possible.

For your convenience, I’ve created the easy-donate button for PayPal below. Simply choose your desired amount, and click the Buy Now button.

Thank you for your support. If I don’t raise sufficient funds to get to Copenhagen during the COP15 conferences, I will refund ALL donations.

And either way, I’ll buy you a coffee and thank you personally next time I see you.


Evan Kopelson