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IAmTheEarth Co-founded by
Email: Kate McKay and Priyanka Patel
Phone: 913 558 3396

Aiming not only to provide sustainable products but also to create a sustainable world.

This company grew from the frustration of two young people who thought, “We have to do something”. IAmTheEarth is a clothing company that hopes to one day become “perfect”. IAmTheEarth quotes facts about issues such as water pollution and obesity on the backs of its organic tops. Consumers choose which cause to support and on purchase 25-40% of the profit is donated to a supporting non-for-profit.

From its missing label to its simplistic designs, IAmTheEarth represents the growing “green” population. Owned and produced by believers of a cohesive universe, IAmTheEarth products strive to be made from 100% sustainable methods and materials. IAmTheEarth hopes that one day its consumers will live in a world created in the same way.

We will choose love, joy and freedom. We will open my hands to the wonderful things life has already given us and be thankful to be alive in such a beautiful world.

For more information about IAmTheEarth please visit
contact Shaila Miller at 785 766 9624


Just came across your site. We are seeking help getting the word out on our Green light bulb. Our lamps are powered by DynamicLux technology, are super energy-efficient and contain no liquid mercury.

Honestly, I was searching for a green PR distribution service when I came across the site, not sure if you can help… either or, you may find our product very interesting.

Thank you for your time