Editorial Commentary: Evan Kopelson on his Progressive American Values

Evan Kopelson speaks about his Progressive American values

Dear Readers:

I have strong Progressive values. I believe FOX is destroying America with irresponsible behavior at the level of Treason, and the First Amendment was never intended to enable a fake news station the size and scope of FOX to spread absolute false information relentlessly and call it news.

I believe the FOX-GOP-Tea-Party is America’s lowest common denominator: bigots and fear mongers selling out their neighbors for a buck. I believe all people are equal, but I don’t want right wing wackos making decisions for America.

This is why I started this blog and why I post news clips on my Facebook page from Rachel Maddow and other journalists who debunk right wing fiction from verifiable fact.

I’m sorry if this repels people who might otherwise want to do business with me. But I’m in the personal branding business, and my personal brand is transparency and authenticity. I have to practice what I preach and live by example.

I would really like the opportunity to do business with people in every State of the country, whether this means you’re reading my blog, advertising here or using my personal branding services. I would like the chance to put politics aside and get to know each other as the warm hearted people we are.

Because no matter what side we’re on, we’re all Americans here, and no matter what country we live in or come from, we’re all human beings deserving of equal rights and equal respect under the law and from our neighbors.

I had to think long and hard about this before I started writing about my real true beliefs. I could have taken any tone with this blog. I could have just reported the news on American Climate Policy and kept my personal opinions to myself.

But there is so much corporate money being channeled into the FOX-GOP that I was overwhelmed with the feeling that I had to create this blog and let people know what I see happening in our country.

It’s no secret, I even tried not to blog. From January until October, not one word from me here.

So disheartened after the ridiculous lack of commitment by the US at Copenhagen last year to make any commitments to curb our fossil fuel emissions and stimulate a clean energy economy, I put my beloved blog to sleep and spent the better part of the year focused on what I can do personally to live more mindfully and in respect of the environment.

But month after month of relentless lying, race baiting, immigrant bashing, and the continued attacks by the FOX-GOP on science had my guts churning — not even angry so much as worried sick for future generations — and for the first time in my life, truly believing in a possible future where America will tear itself apart from within, and quite possibly cause the Great World War once promised by Saddam Hussein.

This is the trajectory we’re on as a Nation, and I can’t sit by on the sidelines and watch what’s happening without adding my voice on critical issues: it’s just too important to every living creature on the planet, for anyone who cares to sit on the sidelines. Not with what the FOX-GOP is doing.

After much soul searching and deliberation, I decided that I would rather earn someone’s respect who disagrees with my point of view, or maybe even never earn that person’s respect, than to compromise my values in the hopes of earning someone’s business.

Life is too short: I like to sleep at night knowing I did my best for those living on the planet today and for those who will come long after we are gone.

We’re living in critical times, and I consider it my civic duty to step up and speak out against ignorance and intolerance wherever I see it. Even when this offends people.

As a Progressive American, I see what’s been happening on FOX and how the FOX-GOP has effectively dumbed down large parts of this Great Nation, and I am offended. So I speak out.

This is who I am. This is what I stand for. This is why I created Green Media News.

You can count on me never to compromise my Progressive American values.

Warmly and in respect,

Evan Kopelson