Evan Kopelson gets published on Smart Planet. Micro-donations can get him to Copenhagen

I really did it. I gave up my luxury lifestyle and took the plunge into sustainable living. I now live in a yoga pod in a communal environment.

I plan to write about it more here but in the meantime you can read about it on Smart Planet now, it’s called “The Sustainability Journey.”

Now the countdown to Copenhagen and the UN Climate Conference is on with just days to go. Press credentials secured thru SmartPlanet.com I now must go far out of my comfort zone yet again, and ask for “Angel Micro-Donations” to pay for my trip to Copenhagen.

My press coverage will be published on SmartPlanet but I did not get a budget. I will need donations “from angels” to get there.

My PayPal is info@greenmediaconsulting.com and it will take a miracle to get me all the way to Copenhagen in just a matter of days. I will be the people’s climate journalist and bring back the really important information — because you know I’ll get it — That’s why I need your generous support now.

Please send your micro-donations now to info@greenmediaconsulting.com via PayPal or just choose a donation amount from the PayPal drop-down menu below the video and click “Buy Now”

All donations will be acknowledged or kept anonymous at your discretion. I’m happy to give your website or business a sincere plug, or publish a personal Thank you statement in my journal on Smart Planet and Green Media News.

Your generosity will make my coverage possible for everyone to see, and it’s a way to empower our community with awareness and action.

Please be my friend on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and wherever else you can find me.

Thank you and blessings to all during the Christmas and holiday season!

For just the cost of buying me dinner, lunch, drinks or coffee you can join the other angels who have already generously donated and help get me to Copenhagen. All donations will be returned if I do not get to Copenhagen during the COP15 conferences.


Evan Kopelson