Video: Evan Kopelson Reporting Live From Amsterdam on the way to Copenhagen

I’m almost to Copenhagen, just 2 hours here in the Amsterdam International Airport before my connecting flight. Here’s a short video I just shot courtesy of QuikPod, the handheld monopod I’m using to shoot video of myself. QuikPod lets you hold the camera at a distance and capture more background images. It’s light and really makes a difference. I want to give everyone at QuikPod a shout-out and a big thank you! for providing me a free QuikPod for this journey.

Thanks everyone for your support, whether by word, comment, or contribution! Your positive vibes are making all the difference and every dollar counts as I continue my quest for Copenhagen and finding the truth about climate change and why sustainability matters.

Level of Support

I really like the style of this video. it’s informative and personal. not to long. i like the black shirt, tieless. nice presentation. you’re born to do this!!

ok now I totally get it – you my dear yogi, journalist, eco-pod dude – belong in the heartbeat of change – you are a natural and your motivation, determination, tenacity and of course, you taking the proverbial “Leap of Faith” are contributing to the energetic upward spiral of Change – DLS

all your Compadres here at the Yoga House are energized to be a part of this worldwide Ecological event and grateful for having you as our Ambassador – Love from all