Exclusive Video Interview with Core Negotiator from Nigerian Delegation on the Trouble at COP15 and Potential Breakdown of Climate Talks

I heard the negotiations weren’t going well today and the African and developing nations walked out of the climate talks at COP15. As I was at the Bella Center at the time, I made my way into the Nigerian delegation’s offices where I was fortunate enough to secure this exclusive interview with Felix B. Dayo, one of the core negotiators of the Nigerian delegation working on the mitigation negotiations.

Mr. Dayo spoke of the trouble with the negotiations process, particularly the EU’s insistence that the United States sign onto the Kyoto Protocol when this has been a sticking point for so many years in the US. Felix makes reference to “MRV” in the interview, which stands for “Measure, Report, and Verify” (or “Monitor, Report Emissions, and Verify Reductions”). The United States has traditionally eschewed attempts by the UN to get the US to commit to MRV yet this is key to the success of any strategy to mitigate climate change.

Unfortunately the camera equipment used for these interviews is far from professional grade. However the quality of the information shared by Felix Dayo is of the utmost importance at this stage in the climate talks, and there is no time to delay.

Here is our interview:

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