Green Media News: Google Earth Climate Launches as Governors’ Global Climate Summit Kicks off in Los Angeles

In advance of the United Nations Climate Change Convention a/k/a COP15, set to take place December 7-18, 2009 in Copenhagen, Denmark, Google Earth released Google Earth Climate to help predict climate change and help visualize both damage and restoration models. In the above video, former Vice President and Nobel Prize winner Al Gore takes us on a brief tour of the Google Earth Climate plug-in.

In other green media news, the Governors’ Global Climate Summit 2 (GGCS2) kicked off today in Los Angeles. GGCS2 is subtitled: “On the Road to Copenhagen” and is co-hosted by an all-star slate of state governors including Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger of California, Governor M. Jodi Rell of Connecticut, Governor Jennifer Granholm of Michigan, Governor David A. Paterson of New York, Governor Ted Kulongoski of Oregon, Governor Chris Gregoire of Washington, and Governor Jim Doyle of Wisconsin.  The event is presented in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme & the United Nations Environment Programme and the list of confirmed attendees include governors from almost every state and many countries around the world.

On a personal note — I’m totally geeking out getting ready to attend the “Governors’ Global Climate Summit 2: On the Road to Copenhagen” because… well… first of all, it’s my first political event… and I’m psyched to attend this one, more than just any political event, because it’s all about people taking action, and not trying to thwart it.  That in itself is newsworthy.

Also, I just think there’s a lot to be grateful for in this moment.  I mean, right now: at this time in history, the whole world is talking about climate change.  I think that’s pretty awesome.

Call me an idealist.  Maybe I just like a good meeting.  But I have a feeling things talked about in this crowd are likely to get done.

In related green media news:

I’m attending GGCS2 as an outreach ambassador for Empowerment Works (EW), a global sustainability think-tank-in-action and 501(c)3 organization.  EW was founded in 2001 by Executive Director Melanie St.James, who says “EW is dedicated to the relentless pursuit of a healthier, culturally rich, and bio-diverse world that works for 100% of humanity.”  I’m sure you can already understand why I dig EW… if you recently called me an idealist, especially.

One of the most potent EW projects is The Global Summit which convenes every 2 years with over 200 participating partners coming together to co-create a Ghandi-inspired change on Earth: a whole-system approach to social, economic, and environmental change.  The Global Summit will reconvene November 7-11 in Los Angeles, CA and I will be actively relationship building at GGCS2 on behalf of EW and The Global Summit.

The Governors’ Global Climate Summit 2: On the Road to Copenhagen offers, in association with Hub Culture, the Global Pavillion with a suite of tools available to conference attendees.  I’m not sure if the Global Pavillion has a press feed for audio and video, or if it’s just a comfortable office suite with internet access and networking opportunities.  There is a live feed of the conference available by clicking here.

I look forward to partnership building at the conference and meeting other attendees.  I already received a tweet from Climate Champions who will be at the Global Paviliion offering the youth perspective on Climate Change.

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