Leaked Document Shows EPA Responsible for Honey Bee Holocaust and Food Supply Threat

A leaked document from the Environmental Protection Agency shows the agency was warned by scientists inside the EPA that the pesticide Clothianidin is highly toxic to honey bees and could end up killing the entire honey bee population, yet the EPA approved the pesticide for widespread use in the pre-treatment of corn seeds.

Clothianidin is manufactured by Bayer Industries.

Fast Company reports that “the pesticide scooped up $262 million in sales in 2009 by farmers, who also use the substance on canola, soy, sugar beets, sunflowers, and wheat, according to Grist.”

Beekeepers and farmers have been worried for years about the plunging world honey bee population, as bees are critical to the pollination of many crops. The vanishing bee population threatens the world’s food supply.

There has been a lot of speculation about the declining bee population in North America. Theories have included electromagnetic radiation, malnutrition, and climate change. But this document which was leaked to a Colorado beekeeper proves that the culprit is the very agency charged with protecting the environment.

Highlights from this shocking document:

  • Dead Honey Bees

    (page 2) “Clothianidin’s major risk concern is to nontarget insects (that is, honey bees)… Acute toxicity studies to honey bees show that clothianidin is highly toxic on both a contact basis and an oral basis.” (Green Media News readers: this means bees will be killed if the pesticide touches them or if they eat it… either way, they die on contact).

  • (page 5) “Label Recommendations …This compound is toxic to honey bees. The persistence of residues and potential residual toxicity of Clothianidin in nectar and pollen suggests the possibility of chronic toxic risk to honey bee larvae and the eventual instability of the hive.” (Green Media News readers: this means the EPA knew what it was doing when it approved the pesticide; they knew it would lead to the destruction of entire hives of bees, which means all bees).

Germany, France, Italy, and Slovenia have already banned Clothianidin for its toxic effects, but so far the EPA has refused to step up for America. The reason is likely the corn-based economy of the United States, but there may be more nefarious forces at work behind the scenes as well. Some companies might benefit if the world food supply is threatened and their seeds are ultimately the main source of food for the world.

Here in this video, Tom Theobald the Colorado farmer who discovered the EPA document explains it in his own words.

The Vanishing of the Bees Film

A film (we’re sure you’ve heard of by now) called Vanishing of the Bees explores the deadly consequences of the vanishing bee population. However, even more shocking than the concept of vanishing bees is that the entire bee population of North America was cleared for mass extermination by the very agency charged with environmental protection (we’re talking about the Environmental Protection Agency in case anyone missed that). And the pesticide responsible for the honey bee holocaust is still approved for legal use in America. And nobody is being held accountable.

Commentary in simple terms for people who care:

How the people in charge of the EPA aren’t being held accountable for environmental and other crimes is beyond reason. Let’s not forget the good people at Bayer either. And the FOX-GOP for blocking efforts last year to put money into the study of the vanishing honey bee population? That’s not necessarily criminal, but it is grossly negligent at best, and shows clearly the FOX-GOP’s scientific idiocy.

It’s about time for some Environmental Justice in America. Senators and Congresspersons who fail to take action now that this document has been leaked, must be called out as part of the problem.

What can interested readers do to help save the honey bees? Demand environmental justice.

Call your Senators and Congresspersons. Email them and forward this article, which contains active links to the source documents. Demand the immediate banning of the chemical Clothiandian. Demand the EPA be held accountable for killing the North American Honey Bees. Make your voices known. Readers can also share this article to Facebook, Twitter, and other social media pages. Use the “Share” button below.

You’ll need to do better than that.

Clothianidin is a shitty chemical and should obviously no longer be used if we want to keep eating in future. However cleaning up this piece is futile if you don’t do anything about the business-as-usual ‘shit-sprayer’ that is withholding basic risk assessment info, opening back doors to lobbyists, manipulating decisions, and then telling us all that everything is fine.

At least ask congress to make all risk assessments and lobbying efforts transparent on government websites?