Maddow, Olbermann, Matthews, and Gregory Fail to Notice 10/10/10

A new video compilation of 10/10/10 global work party event highlights was just released by

Kelly Blynn from the support team said she’s still reeling from 10/10/10 and that, “it’s hard to believe it all really happened — that over 7,000 communities came together in 188 countries for an unprecedented day of unity, collaboration and grassroots climate action. To me, it almost feels like a dream,” Kelly said, “which is why it’s good to have tens of thousands of photos — and hundreds of videos — as proof that it really happened.”

The folks at 350 compiled this inspiring 1-minute video:

The slideshows on the front page of are being steadily updated with new photos as well. It’s hard to deny the energy of an entire planet of citizens motivating in coordinated action on a single topic on a single day.

Apparently there was some news coverage of 10/10/10 global work party events. I didn’t see any coverage on any of the news shows I watch regularly. Among the reporters and commentators I would expect to at least mention the largest coordinated day of political action on any topic in history, would be Rachel Maddow, Keith Olbermann, Chris Matthews, and David Gregory. All these people — whom I admire greatly, and on whom I depend as sources of trusted journalistic integrity — failed to notice what happened on 10/10/10.

Here is my plea to Rachel, Keith, Chris, and David, whom I have been sometimes known to rant at on Twitter: it’s hard to criticize you people; you do so much for all of us with your ever-vigilant fact checking and investigative reporting on important topics that affect all of us. But you failed the planet on 10/10/10.

You failed to cover the planned events for weeks leading up to the day of climate action. You failed to cover the actual events as they happened all over the world. You failed to cover the events after the fact. You failed us.

You’ve lost sight of the forest through the trees. Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann, David Gregory, please don’t forget the planet and all the citizens who care about the environment, even as you’re working so hard to bring us the news and expose corporate corruption of the political process where you can prove it exists.

As you’ve got your noses to the grindstone, don’t forget to look up sometimes, and mention the positive, inspiring things people are doing all over the world to lead our leaders toward the change we seek.

Don’t leave it all up to us, on the grassroots level and in the blogosphere, to spread the word and keep people engaged. We need your help to at least let people know what’s happening. Then people can decide whether to engage and get active. But if you don’t tell people what’s happening all over the world even when citizens in 188 countries are doing the same thing on the same day for the same reason? How can you call yourselves responsible journalists and miss such a huge news story?

People do care. But apparently none of you did. Please change that by devoting some time on your shows to climate news and climate action on a regular basis.