Mayors Launch their Copenhagen Climate Summit

Copenhagen, Dec. 15, 2009 – Today, more than 80 mayors from all over the world launched the Copenhagen Climate Summit for Mayors with an opening press conference.

The overall message from the Copenhagen Climate Summit for Mayors is “Cities act.” It was emphasized at the press conference that cities are not only planning to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the future, but are already doing so now. This message echoes messages expressed at the Governors’ Global Climate Summit in Los Angeles earlier this year. Sub-national governments are critical to the implementation of climate reform and often drive the push resulting in action by national governments.

The Lord Mayor of Copenhagen, Ritt Bjerregaard, opening the Copenhagen Climate Summit for Mayors, said in her speech:

“We are pleased that more than 80 Mayors have come to Copenhagen to share with us their efforts to meet the climate challenges and to show the heads of state the importance of supporting the world’s cities in this crucial task.”

In his opening speech, Mayor Bloomberg of New York City, said:


“As mayors of cities around the world, we recognize the importance of national and international leadership on climate change – but we can’t wait for national governments to act first, and they can’t solve the problem on their own. As city governments, we too have an obligation to confront climate change. I want to thank the Lord Mayor of Copenhagen, Ritt Bjerregaard, and the more than 80 other mayors who have come to Copenhagen to show that we can’t walk away from our responsibility to future generations.”

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