More Americans to Die as Food Safety Bill Sabotaged by Congress

The Food Safety America Doesn't Have

Just a few weeks ago it looked like the Congress stepped up for America and passed the biggest food safety legislation in decades. Now the sad truth is that the food safety bill will never become law. And this means more Americans will die next year from food born illnesses.

Americans will never benefit from the increased food safety measures that would have been adopted, had the Congress not allowed the food safety bill to die several days ago as part of the omnibus spending bill that was killed in the Senate.

Republicans have already said they will not bring the food safety bill back for a vote next term. The “stop-gap” spending measure that Congress just approved to keep funding the government for three days, does not include the food safety bill. Republicans say they do not plan to bring back the food safety bill in the next term of Congress. This means the bill is dead. Americans get no food safety.

Democrats have let America down, again. They allowed the bill to die without a fight. In fact, they helped the Republicans kill it. The Dems agreed to extend the tax breaks to the rich for 2 years, while only making the extension for the middle class last 1 year. This gave Republicans what they wanted (no food safety bill plus huge tax breaks for the richest Americans that will add over $700 Billion Dollars to the U.S. Deficit) and put middle class Americans back in the gutter. How? Follow me here:

This year, all the tax breaks for the rich and the middle class were set to expire on the same day. This allowed the Republicans to threaten to let taxes go up for everyone (including the middle class) unless the rich got their tax breaks too.

What happens next year? Well, the middle class tax cuts will automatically expire in one year, and the taxes for the middle class will go up next year, automatically.

Middle class? Thank your Democratic congresspersons for selling you out.

Next time the tax breaks for the rich are set to expire? Election year, 2012.

So… next election cycle, what will be the status quo in America? I hope you’re still following along:

Next election cycle, middle class Americans will already be paying higher taxes, because tax breaks for the middle class will expire next year automatically. Rich people will not be paying higher taxes. Got it?

Middle Class a/k/a Democrats will have no bargaining power at the negotiating table. They will no longer control the House of Representatives. They will already be paying higher taxes. They will have no leverage to threaten expiration of all taxes unless the middle class gets their tax cut. The middle class has been fucked in a back-room deal and they will be fucked even harder next election cycle.

Next election cycle, the Democrats will be running for office — including President Obama — while Republicans are even wealthier due to their tax breaks and spending even more money on elections after the horrendous Citizens United decision by the U.S. Supreme Court gave corporations unlimited rights to spend undisclosed millions on American elections.

The middle class will be paying higher taxes and the rich will have all the bargaining power.

Great job, Democrats.

What kind of thinking is this? The Dems couldn’t even fight to make all the tax cuts for all Americans valid for the same amount of time?

Democrats: Where did your balls go? Oh, that’s right… you never had any. You’re a bunch of eunuchs.

The Republicans in the Senate are still filibustering (blocking) the vote on the 9/11 First Responders bill, which would give medical treatment to the heroes of 9/11 who are dying now almost every day from diseases caused by the toxic sludge they breathed in while saving lives at Ground Zero.

Republicans: You are a bunch of hypocritical blow-hard pieces of shit who don’t give a fuck about the Americans who fight and die for your freedom. Pass the fucking 9/11 First Responder Bill, you disgusting pieces of shit.

Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with the people in our Congress? They can’t do anything right. Not one fucking thing.

I have nothing left to say.

Here is a clip from The Rachel Maddow Show which explains how lame the Democrat-controlled Congress is:

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