Open Letter to President Obama and Congress – In Haiku

This is a letter
To President Obama
And all of Congress

It is in Haiku
For those who don’t know Haiku
Ask a school teacher

This open letter
Comes from one single voter
Who speaks for many

Proud Americans
Who believe in our country
But feel discontent

A season of change
Where hopes and dreams are fulfilled
Was promised to us

We want to see change
We voted for you to act
But you have failed us

Barack Obama
Has let America down
By failing to lead

We want our leaders
To step up and fight for change
The way they promised

In Copenhagen
We could have had a real deal
Our President failed

Global climate change
Will now devastate millions
While we fail to act

The Climate Accord
Is not a meaningful deal
Our leaders failed us

Meanwhile in China
Energy Technology
Will help them beat us

They are investing
America is asleep
China will own us

Here in the Congress
We could have real health reform
But it’s watered down

Even 60 votes
Is not enough to make change
When our leaders fail

Now the Dems have lost
Their precious 60 vote lead
The lead they squandered

Nothing hurts us more
Than trusting people to act
And watching them fail

Our leaders squandered
Every opportunity
To bring us real change

It shocks the senses
We see all the potential
But nothing gets done

We don’t give a damn
About stupid politics
We want to see change

We voted for change
And if you won’t give us change
We will vote you out

The alternative
May indeed be worse than you
But it will be change

It’s time to wake up
And stop selling us bullshit
We are watching you

It’s too late for hope
The proof is in the pudding
Shape up or ship out

Get on your blow horn
Make change we can believe in
And win back our trust

Your constituent,
Green Media News Founder
Evan Kopelson

PS to readers
Please help get this letter out
Repost and retweet

These last three stanzas
Also written in haiku
If you didn’t know

This movie is undeniably fascinating on the heels of the COP15 failure and watered-down health care reform. Probably the biggest conspiracy theory of all time, according to this movie we are being deceived on every level, focusing our attention on the puppet show of 2-party politics, when “International Elitists” and Corporate Oligarchs are pushing for One World Government and One World Bank. They engineered the recent near-economic collapse, and the resulting blank check they got in the form of a bailout has been put to use buying up other governments they formerly could not afford. The One World Bank apparently created the hoax of climate change and greenhouse gas science, and the Carbon Tax and Cap and Trade are the methods that they are using to get the populace to enslave ourselves, by agreeing to pay taxes on literally every form of use and consumption of all resources in the world.. Obama is their front man apparently, and we’re buying it hook, line and sinker as he continues and expands some of the most horrific practices from the Bush/Cheney regime. I have noticed that Obama has indeed continued and expanded many of the Bush/Cheney era war policies. OK but I still have some questions: why was COP15 a failure and did not produce an international agreement to reduce GHG if all this is true? And why did Obama turn his back on the climate science, calling for a much less meaningful “Copenhagen Accord” rather than a real deal, if it’s part of his agenda to push climate science?

We should all promise
Sweet resistance
Voices in fifth gear

While 2010
Is a brand new year
Its all the same
Just like repast

Donkey or Elephant
Its always the same
Big government

change isn’t always radical. if you want radical, then don’t go with politics. it’s not there. it’s in the revolution of change. if you want change so much, so quickly, then start the revolution.