Prince of Wales and TckTckTck are in HARMONY with mosaic:EARTH

TckTckTck, an organization of over 17 million global citizens for climate action, announced their partnership today with the Harmony movie, and the launch of a new online collaborative media project called mosaic:EARTH.

NBC will air the broadcast premiere of “HARMONY: A NEW WAY OF LOOKING AT OUR WORLD” tonight at 10pm EST.

“Harmony” represents over three decades of environmental efforts by the Prince of Wales to move the world toward a more sustainable, spiritual and harmonious relationship with the planet, by addressing the global environmental crisis.

You can learn more about the Harmony project on its official website or check out a clip right here:

In speaking about this new partnership, Heather Libby from TckTckTck said, “So much of the work that we do in climate activism focuses on the things our leaders aren’t doing, rather than celebrate the good work that’s already happening to make the world a healthier, more sustainable place, and we think that needs to change, which is why we’re so excited to announce our new partnership with “Harmony: A New Way of Looking at the World” and the launch of mosaic:EARTH, our new collaborative global media project.”

Basically, mosaic:EARTH is a high resolution composite image of the Earth as seen from space, but it uses something called “deep zoom” technology: when you zoom into the image of planet Earth, you see the image is actually made up of thousands of photos from all over the world. Once you get close enough to see the individual images, you can double-click them to see captions for each of the thousands of photos, and even watch embedded video clips attached to some of the pics. It’s hard to describe until you start playing with the mosaic, and then it gets fun.

You can learn more about the technology of mosaic:EARTH by reading Karl Burkhart’s column here and make sure to check out the mosaic:EARTH widget below:

Using the above mosaic:EARTH widget, you can even upload your own image to the mosaic and enter for a chance to win a free iPad loaded with eco-friendly apps. Just click the button in the above widget that says “Make a difference today!” to learn more.