Romney refuses to release Long-Form Tax Returns

Mitt Romney refuses to release long form tax returns

Birther Party nominee refuses to release long form tax returns

Mitt Romney’s campaign just announced the GOP candidate for President of the United States will finally release his 2011 tax returns today. With less than six weeks before the election, the candidate’s hope is that the late release of last year’s tax return will somehow quell the discussion about why he has refused to release any more than 2 years of tax returns.

According to the New York Times, Romney’s campaign will be releasing a “summary” of the past 20 years of tax returns.

One might like to know why the Romney campaign refuses to release the “long-form tax returns”?

Is it because Mitt underpaid several years and had to back pay, or amend his returns, as evidenced by the campaign’s use of creative English when they said the Romney’s “owed” both federal and state income taxes every year, and wouldn’t comment why they chose to go with the word “owed” over “paid”?

Or one could ask: How do we measure the distance between a long form birth certificate and a long form tax return? The answer: in hypocrites.