The Biggest Threat to America that Nobody is Talking About

The recent giveaway of the Internet by the FCC to the Telcom Industry has me seeing things more clearly than ever: it’s not that Left vs. Right is a fictional creation, exactly; there are real differences on how to govern a country. But the incessant political debate of Left vs. Right in America is a highly effective distraction vehicle for the corporate interests who really control the country. And that’s the dirty little secret above and beyond politics that separates the powerful from the powerless.

For me, the 4th wall was broken with this one. Nobody is talking about how wireless broadband was just excluded from regulation in the so-called “net neutrality” rules passed by the FCC or how every single member of the U.S. Senate except Senator Al Franken supported this corporate power grab.

Nobody is talking about how from now on, everyone who uses a hot spot to access the Internet with a smart phone or iPad will no longer know if they are actually seeing the whole Internet, or just the sites their service provider wants them to see. Nobody knows, or nobody is talking about how their rights were just snatched away from them in one fell swoop.

Nobody is talking about these things, and it’s bothering me a lot.

I’m starting to see all political news as a distraction vehicle, while real pieces of American freedom are being taken away in the background and signed off on by both parties.

There’s something very wrong taking place in America, and it’s happening right under our noses at this very second.

And disturbingly, a whole lot of smart people are missing the boat on this one, even though it’s going to make all the difference to future generations between living in a free society or a corporate oligarchy.

One thing is for certain: I’m not going to just keep relentlessly bashing the FOX-GOP while the Democrats just sold us out to corporate overlords. We are all being deceived, kept angry, divided…. while the corporations make power grabs and the media distracts the masses. Even the journalists I respect most aren’t commenting on this power grab that is the giveaway of the Internet. And that disturbs me most; when real things happen in America and nobody talks about them.

Don’t get me wrong: I stand by my progressive American values. I still believe FOX-GOP policies are destroying America. But now I see something more insidious happening: the Democrats are selling us out in the background. While they accomplish great things like DADT repeal and an updated GI bill, they sell out our freedom of speech in ways nobody talks about. This makes them just as bad, and just as dangerous to freedom in America as the so-called right wing whack jobs.

It’s time for Left and Right to come together in America and take back our country from the corporate interests who are moving to control what we can see, and what we can say — and from the political leaders who bow to their corporate masters. It’s time that the words “I want my country back” are infused with real meaning.

What can you do to help take your country back from the corporate interests who control it? I’m not sure yet. As soon as I find out, you’ll be the first to know… well… unless this site is blocked by your wireless provider, or slowed down to the point where you think it’s broken. All that will be perfectly legal for internet service providers to do under these sham regulations.

Very interesting post!
That title really nails the troubles in America, I think.
So much is going wrong, so few are noticing or talking about it.

Welcome to the club of the Open Eyes my friend. While you and I differ in our political stance, we are both passionate about individual freedoms and our right to discuss our views openly and civilly with each other. It is no longer radical to think that “we the People” no longer control our government. It is reality! But do not despair Evan. The solution is simple. Not easy, but simple. It is vital that all of us who value our individuality and common freedoms work together in grass roots movements to restore our freedoms. When that is accomplished we can go back to evaluating differences of opinion about social programs.

TexasCharlie Clark