U.S. Senate Steps Up for America and Passes Food Safety Bill 73-25

Senate Passes Food Safety Modernization Act

Breaking News: The Food Safety Modernization Act passed the Senate earlier this morning with a vote of 73-25.  The House of Representatives is expected soon to send an approved version to the President for signature. This represents a major breakthrough after the bill was stalled in the Senate due to enticing from the “Big Ag” lobby. The bill ultimately passed only after thousands of phone calls from concerned citizens flooded into the U.S. Senate demanding protection for family farmers.

In response to the news, Dave Murphy, founder and executive director of Food Democracy Now! said, “This is a huge victory for family farmers and the local food movement and I’m proud of all the great work we’ve done together — making more than 12,000 calls to Senate offices, demanding that the most important Food Safety Bill in a generation didn’t unfairly undermine local food producers.”

Here’s some commentary in simple terms for people who care:

Woohoooooo!  The U.S. Senate did something pretty great today.

And it doesn’t matter why… out of motivation to do the right thing, or just to avoid a scandal.

To everyone who voted to pass this important bill:

Green Media News thanks you for stepping up for America.

And now a forecast of things to come: Dave Murphy says the fight is not over. “I can assure you that Big Ag is already plotting their strategy for watering down these important regulations at the agencies tasked with enforcing them,” he says, “or trying another last ditch effort to stop these important protections for family farmers from being written into law.”