Huff Post: Uncomfortable Tension Builds at Copenhagen Summit

There’s an article in the Huffington Post today about the problems, logistical and otherwise, resulting in NGO’s and other delegates being shut out of the Bella Center in Copenhagen even with proper credentials.

I am here at COP15 and think I speak for a lot of NGO delegates and bloggers shut out of the Bella Center at various times throughout the conference.

My comment to the original article is too long to post as a blog comment on Huff Post, so I posted it to my own blog here:

In the wake of the rumor that the COP15 agreement will lead to a 3 degree temperature rise globally and a concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere of 550 parts per million (well over the safe limit of 350ppm) it’s important to keep our focus during heated moments.

As it has been said, “when the peasants are shouting in the streets, the kings aren’t listening.”

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