Video: William S. Becker in Copenhagen: Energy Security and Climate Security Must Be Top Priority for U.S. at COP15

Yesterday I had the good fortune of meeting Bill Becker, the Executive Director of the Presidential Climate Action Project and a regular contributor to the Huffington Post.

Today I had the even better fortune of securing an interview with Bill and learning more about his thoughts on U.S. policy, what he thinks may happen here in Copenhagen this week, and how President Obama needs to step up his game in the wake of EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson’s recent formal findings that greenhouse gasses endanger public health and safety.

Here’s our interview:

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This interview was really wonderful because he spoke to the issue of people becoming overwhelmed and discouraged by all the negativity and that he is putting together a positive plan for 2020 etc.
Looking forward to going to his website etc.
I also found it intriguing how he spoke about this conference as something of a mystery in terms of the final outcome and not so controlled and pre-managed- will be fascinating to see what happens by the end! Thanks for being our eyes and ears on the ground there.
The plot thickens…thanks Evan! Keep blogging:)